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Huwebes, Mayo 23, 2013

Find a Staff Leasing Company You Can Rely On

One pitfall of staff leasing is that you could be stuck with leased workers who don’t produce the level
and quality needed for your business. Employee leasing forces you to lose a great deal of the supervision
in the hiring process. It’s different when you hire new recruits yourself – you can personally handpick
candidates who can potentially grow with your company.

staff leasing
Companies continue to benefit from employee leasing because it provides advantages over the traditional employment process. The real challenge is finding the right agency.

How to Choose a Good Staff Leasing Agency

1. Examine their marketing material. Perform a background check, which includes looking over the
agency’s website, business cards and brochures, all of which can immediately provide feedback about
the kind of industries the company serves.

2. Find out if the provider is willing to work with your kind of business. Staffing companies advertise all
over the Internet. You may be presented with so many options, but it’s this multiplicity that makes it
hard to decide. A good agency can deal with your business projects, whether your niche market is
gamers, sports lovers or construction workers.

3. The leased employees should always consult you with every part of the operation. Both entities are
going to work as business partners. By building a good relationship, keeping each other updated, and
discussing every decision, you can come up with the best solutions and make this leasing system work.

4. Creativity can provide new strategies and business perspectives. An organization that thinks outside
the box can come up with the best solutions and concepts. Choose a partner that always stays updated
with advancements in the industry, and pay attention to their work with previous clients. That will give
you an idea of how innovative they are.

5. Transparency is a key component. Leased employees will not really be under your management, and
yet you have responsibilities to them. Staff leasing is a good option if your partner is transparent about
different employment and business aspects, and if the agency agrees to pointers in your contract.
Likewise, you need to practice transparency with the third party company.

6. Will the agency provide an on-site manager or supervisor? This may depend on a lot of things, like the
nature of your project and the size of the leased workforce. If the leasing firm receives a high volume of
business from your company, it may provide an on-site manager for zero extra cost.

7. Inquire about the staffing agency’s recruitment process. How do they perform background checks? Do
 they verify professional credentials? And what standards do they have for recruiting each employee?

The staffing firm can cause the rise or the downfall of your business. Working with a staff leasing
 company is no different than hiring directly – you need to hire only the best to join your team of