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Miyerkules, Disyembre 25, 2013

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Staff Leasing

Many of today’s companies are taking advantage of staff leasing services and the perks they bring. However, staff leasing comes with the possibility of several pitfalls. After all, no business strategy can claim to be completely fail-safe, right? The good thing here though is the possible pitfalls of this staffing arrangement can be easily avoided by the clients.

staff leasingHere now are some of the pitfalls that skeptics have often cited to counter the perks touted by long-time
clients of employee leasing companies. They are followed by tips on how they can be avoided.

1.       The quality of the service matches the cheap rates of the service providers.

This is a very condescending statement which suggests that staff leasing companies cannot be expected to give high-quality services because their prices are very little to begin with. What detractors fail to consider is that many of these companies are from developing countries in Asia and Latin America. Once currencies and conversions are applied, that “little” amount becomes a significant sum for the service provider. Hence, it cannot be said that they are operating on very cheap costs.

TIP: It’s actually right to question if a leasing company charges too little. “Too good to be true” rates aren’t really good sometimes. So when you are screening companies to hire, don’t immediately choose the one that offers the lowest rates.

2.       Since employee management is in the hands of the staff leasing company, clients will have less control over the leased personnel and the work they are doing.

This is an erroneous assumption. In fact, clients will always have the highest authority when it comes to SOPs and delegating tasks to specific employees. The leasing company is always free to give their recommendations; but if the client is adamant about a specific preference, the service provider will comply to keep him satisfied.

TIP: As the client, you need to give clear instructions and make your preferences be known to your service provider because the latter will do what it can to please you.

3.       It will be difficult to train leased personnel, especially if the service provider is overseas. Hence, the arrangement will not benefit the client because the staff won’t know what to do.

On the contrary, staff leasing companies boast highly trained and skilled employees. Clients who pay for their services will in fact benefit more because they won’t have to spend for training the employees. The staff they lease can immediately go to work with minimal instructions and monitoring.

Remember that service providers will offer only the services they specialize in. That’s why we have different kinds of staff leasing companies. Some offer HR services, bookkeeping, computer programming, website optimization, virtual assistance, and so many more. What clients simply need to do is find a company whose staff can fill in the vacant positions in their business.  

TIP: Ask your service providers for ideas and recommendations. If they have been in business for years now, they will have plenty of excellent suggestions that you might be able to use to improve your business operations.

Lunes, Disyembre 16, 2013

Employee Leasing Services – Debunking the Myths

You may have heard of employee leasing services a few times already, but like many people, you may not really have a clear understanding of it. Worse, you may even have fallen into the trap of holding some common myths about this kind of service as truth. Here we will debunk those myths and try to explain the service to you in the simplest way possible.

Myths about Employee Leasing Services

1. Leasing employees entails more cost.

The opposite is, in fact, true. When you lease employees, you no longer have to worry about setting up these employees in your payroll system, providing them with benefits, and establishing a retirement program for them. That’s because the company you lease employees from will be responsible for handling these financial matters.

2. Leasing employees takes control out of your hands.

Again, the opposite of this is true. The only thing you’re basically doing when you lease staff is outsourcing non-core functions that are necessary for the smooth operation of your business. You’re still in control of the operations per se. You’re just letting someone else handle the mundane tasks that would otherwise distract you from focusing on the core aspects of your business.

3. Using a PEO broker entails more cost.

There are those who recommend using a broker when you decide to lease staff. Some, however, hesitate to do so, believing it will be more expensive. What you may not realize is that a PEO broker causes PEOs to compete, thus driving down their rates considerably. Brokers are also very familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of each PEO they represent, which puts them in the best position to recommend a PEO that best meets your requirements.

What Employee Leasing Services Can Do for Your Business

employee leasing services Just by having the above myths debunked, you already know that when you lease employees, you save on
cost while staying in control of your business. Other than that, though, this service also offers you more flexibility. With leased staff, you can expand or reduce your workforce as needed without having to go through a lot of red tape. Furthermore, the service frees up your time that will otherwise be used for administrative functions. This leaves you free to focus on doing what you do best and will potentially increase your productivity and consequently, your ROI.

Seeing how much you can benefit when you lease employees, there may really be no reason for you to disregard this business solution. You especially need to consider this option if you’re just starting out and can’t afford to hire all the employees you need for day-to-day tasks or if you’re currently going through hard times and need to cut costs. When businesses suffer financial difficulties, they’re usually forced to let go of a few of their employees. By leasing staff from a third-party company, the tasks handled by the employees you let go don’t have to be left unattended.

Biyernes, Disyembre 6, 2013

First 4G smartphone includes displays on both the front and back of the phone

photo from
"YotaPhone combines a smartphone and e-reader into one device," said Yota Devices CEO Vlad Martynov in a statement. The front has a typical 4.3-inch LCD display, just like any iPhone or Samsung phone. But its second display looks more like Amazon's Kindle e-reader: black and white graphics and text atop a light gray background.

"You can save images and information on the second screen, and it stays there, even if you lose battery power," said Martynov. "You can save anything on the always-on display." Though the e-ink display isn't touch sensitive, there is a small patch of smartphone real estate beneath the display that customers can use to navigate the phone.

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Huwebes, Disyembre 5, 2013

Paul Walker's Death Revealed

Paul Walker died from the combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries sustained from the Nov. 30 car crash ... this according to the L.A. County Coroner's Office. 

Paul did not die from the impact of the crash alone. He burned to death after the Porsche GT crashed into a tree and a pole and exploded into flames. 

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Martes, Disyembre 3, 2013

Google launches option to download Gmail data and Calendar data

Emails and other data will be downloaded from Gmail in the MBOX format, which users can then import into other email services. Recently, Microsoft revealed that it has been working with other email providers to be able to move messages between services, and this step by Google may be a result of that.

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